April 1, 2010 Future trends in the production of Air Bubble film

The modern technology is going far from the production of air bubble film with PA. As a matter of fact the distribution of PA in the layer of air bubble film (bottom side and upper side) is very critical, mainly if you do not use sophisticated control systems of the PA flow with gear pumps. In addition, the barrier effect to air of PA with very low thickness (1 – 2 μ) is practically negligible.

The new market trend for the air bubble film lines has the following main features:
- extremely thin air bubble film: 30 g/m² or less
- high mechanical characteristics of the film even with low weights
- external surfaces with particular characteristics such as high stickiness, high slipping and so on

These market trends require 3-layer coex lines equipped with 3 extruders for the  production of 6-layer (3+3) air bubble film with particular characteristics.

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