February 21, 2011 New 7-layer Barrierblown® line running at B-Pack®

A new Barrierblown® line for the production of reclosable film is now running at our associated company B-Pack®.

Thanks to the characteristics of this line B-Pack® has studied a 7-layer film for barrier packaging, with a thickness varying from 45 to 80 microns, featuring a very good transparency and, unlike products already existing on the market, without smells that could weaken food organoleptic properties.
This kind of product is used in the food sector, mainly for cheese and processed meat (salami) and it is destined to a niche market which is rapidly growing above all in Europe and in the US.

Besides reclosable film, the Barrierblown® line is able to produce a wide range of products for food applications ranging from film for lamination to film for thermoforming.



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