October 26, 2011 The fiberless solution by IMBALLAGGI PROTETTIVI

Our associated company IMBALLAGGI PROTETTIVI is currently working on the operation “Fibreless” which aims to diminish or eliminate all types of fibre that – according to current communitarian norms - cannot enter in direct contact during the packing-up process of products commercialized in the EEC for food, cosmetic, and medical market segments.

Flexible packages are becoming more and more important in the world of food packaging, and in particular the printed ones (no matter if the support is Alu-foil, BOPP or else), delivered in reels that, however, are still sustained by “particle board” flanges, which have to be assembled from operators, one by one.

The amount of fibres that such a structure can potentially release is very high and this is not the only downside: they are very heavy, they cannot be recycled nor washed/sanitizes, they contain formaldehyde, they can deform and break under the weight they carry and they can be receptacle of infesting agents (bugs, bacteria, etc.).

To avoid all problems connected to particle-board flanges, some manufacturers tried to replace them with injected plastic ones; however, even if the fibres are gone, we still have to consider that they are the heaviest on the market, they cost much (per piece), they can be receptacle of infesting agents anyway, moulds and process to produce them are expensive and each mould modification can cost a lot. If made in HDPE then, its specific weight is higher then PP per m3.

IMBALLAGGI PROTETTIVI worked to find a valuable alternative to both of the former structures and developed a new fibre-free concept that delivers modularity, steadiness, convenience and simplicity at the same time: the solution considers a standard EURO-pallet as a base, on the top of it the “rail-board” first and then the flanges, both made in BUBBLE GUARD® board.

The reels, even with a wooden pallet, are not easily supposed to get in contact with wooden fibers; however, in case you target to get rid of them completely, you can use a plastic pallet instead; this is an excellent alternative also because of its groove all along the base perimeter that allows to place the flanges even more easily.

The alternative concepts in BUBBLE GUARD® board feature considerable advantages:

-they are fibre-free (are made of 100% PolyPropylene)

-they are very resistant, despite the light weight when transported

- this lightness facilitates also the handling by the operators

- they can be delivered already assembled

- they can be washed / sanitized (sealed edges)

- they are fully recyclable

- they fear no humidity, detergents, nor chemical agents

- they cannot become receptacles of infesting agents (sealed edges)

Flanges produced by IMBALLAGGI PROTETTIVI are basically equivalent to the other ones in terms of dimensions; the real advantage lays in the weight and in all aspects connected to it – directly or indirectly - (transport costs, CO2 released in the environment, benefits for the operators, etc.)

If you consider for example a lorry, completely loaded with pallets 1200 x 800, with BUBBLE GUARD® BOARD you can load about   930 kg less of sheer packing material on a complete truck (which is about 60/65% of the total packaging weight).

By using returnable packages or by enlightening
vehicles by replacing heavy wooden-
particle components with BUBBLE GUARD® BOARD, IMBALLAGGI PROTETTIVI helps you to reduce the impact on the environment.


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