December 20, 2011 Testrun of the new Air Bubble line

It is currently under test run in the factory of Azzate the new line for air bubble film. It is characterized by a useful width of 2600 mm and a 6-layer coextrusion with 3 extruders for the production of very thin film (thickness ≤ 30 gr/m2) with high resistance. This is made possible only thanks to the particular engineering and attention in the coextrusion as well as in the casting phase on the forming cylinder.
The line is optimised to guarantee very low tensions and maximum quality in the winding up, whose process is completely automatic:
-          cores cutting according to the set format;
-          positioning of the cores;
-          winding and gluing of the tail on the final part of the reel;
-          reel extraction on unloading chute with tilter;
The AIR BUBBLE® line is destined to a Central-European customer.


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