February 14, 2012 High performances with COLINESĀ® entry-level CPP lines

In the last few days an EASYCAST® line for CPP film has been installed and commissioned with full satisfaction of our customer, thanks to a production of 20 µm film with final web widths ranging from 780 mm to 1250 mm, a speed over 250 m/min and thickness tolerances lower than 0.2 µm

In May we will testrun in our Nibbia factory another line for CPP film with a useful web width of 2800 mm and destined to the European market. This line, belonging to the POLYCAST® series, has been designed to reach high performances (up to 400 m/min for thicknesses lower than 25 µm) and the best production quality. COLINES® will supply also a system for shortening the aging time and for speeding-up the logistics of the final product. This will have thus the optimal features for being used by converters on their new processing machines (printing, lamination, etc) which require very high working speeds.