June 12, 2012 BUBBLE GUARD® BOARD is an artwork

In occasion of PLAST exhibition in Milan from May 8 to 12, BUBBLE GUARD® BOARD, produced by our associated company IMBALLAGGI PROTETTIVI, was protagonist at the art installation ‘PLASTICA D’ARTISTA 2012’, organized by ‘Materioteca’ in cooperation with ‘Promaplast’ and ‘Arte da mangiare mangiare Arte’ which combined creativity and industry in original works.

Several artworks realized by about thirty Italian artists with plastics materials, pigments and boards were shown at the South Gate of PLAST.

The artists Anna Maria di Ciommo, Daniela Dente, Edy Persichelli, Daniela Rancati, Simona Sacco and Simona Dossi, Monica Scardecchia, Micaela Tornaghi, topylabrys created works of art with pigments supplied by Merck, on perimetral walls of big crates (transport packaging) LOGIBOX® provided by IMBALLAGGI PROTETTIVI. These walls are made in alveolar boards in polypropylene coextruded in line, BUBBLE GUARD® BOARD; in the core layer the air caught into the bubbles becomes itself a structural component, while external faces remain extremely planar and printable.


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