November 19, 2012 The original BUBBLE GUARD® BOARD: beware of imitations!

Thanks to a mix of new-generation technologies and materials, our versatile alveolar coextruded PP sheet BUBBLE GUARD® offers the possibility to laminate in line a wide range of materials. These materials can be protective (textiles or expanded polymers), aesthetic (plain, pre-printed, or embossed films) or structural (to improve technical performances).
Recently someone tried to promote in an unfair and not legal way a similar product, advertised as “polypropylene rigid sheet board” manufactured by “a multi layer sheet extrusion process”. Since this appears to constitute evident infringement of the COLINES® patents related to the operative systems for the production of BUBBLE GUARD® Board of our company, we have immediately instructed our lawyers to proceed against said company in defence of our rights. 
We remind you that the lines producing the original BUBBLE GUARD® BOARD are visible at any time at our associated company Imballaggi Protettivi in Lodi, Italy, conveniently located near the international airports of Milan Linate and Milan Malpensa.