December 21, 2012 Bubble Guard® Board sails ahead!

It was held last December 5 at Villa Burba in Rho the workshop ‘The air becoming structure. Bubble Guard® Board and its brothers, the rigid alveolars with a soft weight’ organized by Imballaggi Protettivi, our sister company producing Bubble Guard® Board on our extrusion lines.

Starting from the main types   (BGBoard®,  BG®  Compact,  BGMatt® and Printolyte®), each one specially studied for a certain application, Imballaggi Protettivi showed the numerous potentials of this versatile sheet:

- it is light, waterproof,  resistant to deformation and ductile during production and converting

- it is  “eco-eco”, i.e. economical and ecologic (it is made of a single material, therefore it’s easier to recycle it)

- the weight of a BG® Compact sheet is only 40% compared with a full sheet with the same thickness;

- Bubble Guard® Box, used in the automotive industry, is compactable, reusable and light.  Lightness is a fundamental characteristic when it comes to transportation: lighter returnable packaging makes it possible a lower fuel consumption also because there is a bigger load with the number of boxes being equal.

Imballaggi Protettivi will open the doors of their factory in Massalengo in April 2013. Anyone interested in this innovative and creative material will be welcome!


Another occasion to show to the public the very high potential of Bubble Guard® Board was the inauguration of the new offices of our representative for India, Hi-Tech International last November 22 at the Rotaract Club Hall in Mumbai.

The offices, covering a surface of 1200 sqft, showcases the versatility of the

Bubble Guard® Board in the various applications of an interiors’ project: wall panels, false ceiling, table top, wall partitions have been completely made in Bubble Guard®.

Mr Himanhu Engineer, CEO of Hi-Tech International, together with his spouse Ms Trusha and their sons Mr Sagar and Ms Keya, illustrated the project of Bubble Guard® Board as an exclusive architectural material.

The presentation was held at the presence of Mr.Rasiklal Dhariwal, Mr Sagar Verma and Mr Anupam Lunavat, respectively Chairman, President and Managing Director of RMD Group, the company producing RMD boards thanks to COLINES® BUBBLE GUARD® BOARD extrusion lines.


Despite numerous imitation attempts, Bubble Guard® Board is the only product that can guarantee planarity, very high performances also with low thicknesses and in-line lamination with surprising results. This success has been achieved thanks to a long-standing R&D activity and a unique know-how.

Once again we invite you to chose the original Bubble Guard® Board: beware of imitations!