March 11, 2013 Bubble Guard® Board: different styles, same soul

BUBBLE GUARD® BOARD, the rigid alveolar with a soft weight, is produced by Imballaggi Protettivi, COLINES® sister company, on our extrusion lines.
We will introduce you some real benefits featured by BUBBLE GUARD® in the field of constructions and buildings: a combination of added-value, performances and cost saving.
1). IN-GROUND FORMWORKS. According to the “old school”, when the excavation works are over, heavy wooden boards have to be put vertically in place to contain the liquid concrete and must be removed afterwards: this implies an enormous loss of time and remarkable expenditure of energy for workers. BUBBLE GUARD® BOARD offers now an advanced solution to overcome these problems, because it is much more handy and light, to begin with. And, once it is in position, you do not have to take it away anymore, because BUBBLE GUARD® BOARD is supposed to remain in the ground to give moisture and temperature insulation: its structure contains air (the best insulating item ever) and this can hold down costs and the quantity of concrete itself!
The textile-laminated version, then, gives the concrete the best grip (something not so easy to achieve with this type of polymers).
2). CONTAINING PANELS. BUBBLE GUARD® BOARD works well also when used as core-material for containing panels to be placed in the metal frames, for out-of-ground formworks, because of its lightness, stiffness and because it is easy to cut. 
3). SITE-FENCING. The business of building protection is now growing huge in Europe: basically, when a building is under reconstruction or restoration, panels are fixed on the outer scaffold-system to hide the workers, while acting as a safety feature to keep pedestrians out of the dangerous perimeter. These panels are printed and positioned to form a composed picture representing the building underneath itself.
BUBBLE GUARD® MATT or PrintoLYTE® are perfect for this, since they are printable, flat, smooth and satinated (to avoid dangerous light-refraction, and a glossy appearance).
Ondubol®, on the other hand, can be used for the same purpose, but being one-side flexible: just imagine how easy it can be to work with reels of this clever material!
Imballaggi Protettivi will open the doors of the factory in Massalengo in April 2013. Anyone interested in this innovative and creative material will be welcome!