June 1, 2015 The mark of BUBBLE GUARD® Board toward new horizons

The year 2015 has begun sensationally for BUBBLE GUARD®  Board: during this year 3 new high throughput lines – up to 1 ton/h - will be installed, one in the U.S.A. and two in Europe.
Particularly significant is the line under construction destined to PRIMEX, a major U.S. company.
Several BUBBLE GUARD®  Board  lines are already present in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, whereas the U.S. market is a new market for this product, and therefore this new frontier that is opening up is further evidence of the specific importance of this line patented and manufactured by COLINES®.
Our distinctive committment in constantly improving our lines step by step, line after line, is confirmed also in the new machines now being manufactured with the use of a new sheeter (in place of the conventional guillotine) which makes it possible to bring the cutting speed of sheets from 1.5 sec. to 0.3 sec. per cut, i.e. five times faster.
The market is more and more appreciating the huge versatility of this product in many application sectors, among which: