June 8, 2015 Further developments on our DIAPERBLOWN® lines

COLINES® has gone ahead with the development of extrusion lines with blown technology for the in-line production of embossed film.
As a result, after the world première in 2013, a second line with useful width of 2200 mm was recently sold to a very important Middle Eastern group: it can produce 15 micron and even 13 micron embossed film at real speeds of  150 – 180 m/min, with throughputs up to 600 kg/h.
Thanks to the accurate study not only of the embossing units but also of the extrusion and cooling section, it was possible to achieve such performances even using a significant percentage of recycled material coming from similar productions.  

One of the main objectives of this project, fully achieved, was to keep a great user-friendliness of the machine, with a really accessible interface  allowing any  operator of “standard” blown film lines to work profitably with this advanced line.

On this line COLINES® has also introduced for the first time the new independent rotary axis winder, called  FLEXIWIND®,  which permits to wind-up flawlessly as much as 11 reels 200 mm wide with a perfect geometry and with no tail at the mentioned speed and throughput levels. Furthermore, this winder is equipped with “reverse” technology, which allows to wind up the film in both directions, and can make reels up to a diameter of 1200 mm.