July 1, 2015 BUBBLE GUARD® BOARD - focus on automotive applications

One of the main applications of BUBBLE GUARD®  Board  in the automotive sector is the trunk floor. BUBBLE GUARD®  Board  is used in place of plywood or of the so-called ‘medium density’ (glued wood fibers)  offering great advantages versus these conventional materials, as it is much lighter and at the same time rigid and perfectly resistant. BUBBLE GUARD®  Board  can be die-cut, but also laminated in line with carpet without using glue: this process allows a substantial reduction in production time.
Inserts for seats
Many car manufacturers use pressboard in the rear  of front seats, but since  the lining operation of seats with cloth requires the use of steam, this insert degrades  and loses its structural functionality.  BUBBLE GUARD®  Board, being a plastic material,  maintains  its functionality for a much longer time. For this application BUBBLE GUARD®  Board  is hot laminated in line with various fabrics.
Commercial vehicles
Wood is a noble material, appropriate for furniture and the housing sector, but when it comes to the automotive business, BUBBLE GUARD®  Board  is much more suitable: it is lighter and approximately 70% of its versions are washable even daily. The production process is completed with a simple die-cutting without a longer milling operation. Also in this case the product can be in-line laminated with special non-slip surfaces.
Supports for filling parts
BUBBLE GUARD®  Board  is one of the best solutions also for this kind of applications. Thanks to its homogeneous and regular structure, it assures an even distribution of forces in all directions (unlike the “hollow profile”,  whose resistance is mono-directional, with consequent structural collapses).
The side lining panels of the interiors  are very important in commercial vehicles, and BUBBLE GUARD®  Board, thanks to its alveolar structure, combines the aesthetic function with anti-scratch and noise reduction properties,. Once again, its main pluses are:  lightness, malleability (with a simple die-cutting you can obtain the desired shape) and easy cleaning without any risk of deterioration.
 The latest specialty, thermoformed  BUBBLE GUARD®  Board,  after the necessary development and tests, has entered production and has been already  introduced as application in two car production lines.
Last but not least, BUBBLE GUARD®  Board  is 100% made of polypropylene, which makes it fully recyclable, an indispensable quality from the economic and above all the environmental point of view.