February 13, 2018 New cooperation between Colines and Polycell Australia

Colines and the Australian company Polycell continue their good cooperation.
The trust of POLYCELL in the value of the COLINES brand and the reliability of our extrusion solutions continues to bear fruit.
The good relationship and synergy between the two companies is developing into new future opportunities.
Another POWER BUBBLE 3000 line  for the production of Air Bubble films has been successfully tested in the COLINES AIR BUBBLE factory in Bastia Umbra.
The 3000 mm wide air bubble film produced can be in-line laminated with aluminum foil, papers, foam and any other coating material.

The POWER BUBBLE 3000 is equipped with a co-rotating twin extruder that can process 900 kg/h of LDPE, LLDPE, mLLDPE, HDPE and with a dedicated extruder for the third layer.

The fully automatic winder unit “TRIPLEX PLUS” with 3 cantilevered air expansion shafts can manage a winding cycle time of 40 seconds and reels with diameter from 350 mm to 1.200 mm.