Mr August “Gus” Finet,  Vice President of Operations at PRIMEX PLASTICS, says that ‘COLINES has been very supportive on all fronts in making this work at Primex since the project’s beginning’.
Watch the video of Mr Finet talking about their business; the video shows the COLINES extrusion line in operation in their Richmond, IN facility.


Primex Plastics Corporation started in 1965 and has grown into a leader in custom extruded plastic sheet and roll products for thermoforming, fabrication and printing. They are one of the largest plastic sheet producers in the USA, with facilities in five states from coast to coast and in Great Britain. The headquarters and largest manufacturing facility is located in Richmond, IN.
A wide variety of materials with special additives, features and characteristics for special needs are manufactured at Primex Plastics. One of this is Bubble-x, a patented sheet / air-bubble co-extruded PP board.
Bubble-X™ is a co-extruded board made of three layers: a central thermoformed core, and two flat, compact “external skins” with “matte” finishes. These external layers are smooth and corona-treated to provide outstanding printing performance. Prime Bubble-X™ is ideal for point of purchase displays, signs, mail totes, sleeve packs and other types of containers. The smooth surface provides increased printability compared to our traditional “Cor-x®” board. High density Bubble-X™ board delivers protective rigidity along with moisture and chemical resistance. Bubble-X™ is made from 100% recyclable polypropylene and comes in a variety of colors.
Bubble-x from Primex Plastics Corp is produced on COLINES® state-of-the-art BUBBLE GUARD® BOARD extrusion line which helped Primex to be the first to deliver this product directly from the US territory.

‘We saw the product initially in Europe where was started. We actually purchased the line in Italy for about 5 million dollars and installed it at Richmond one year ago. And it provides a lot of attributes  that we do not currently have on what we call Cor-x®. The material provides considerable strength, versatility for both the print markets and the fabrication markets. So we see that opening up a number of opportunities for us that compete with some other products because we have the technology and a license to produce it exclusively in the US right now.
There’s a lot of emphasis right now on light-weighting, particularly on automotive applications and on transportation applications for improve your economy, so this product really provides an alternative to solid sheets.'

COLINES® is always focused on great service to the customer and has supported Primex Plastics Corp since the beginning of their project, making it successful from day one.