October 14, 2019 Make your business limitless - Join the BubbleGuard Board revolution!





BUBBLE GUARD® BOARD is a real revolution of plastic board with applications such as advertising and logistics, packaging and automotive industries. The superior honeycomb structure gives high resistance characteristics for the cost of a low weight product. The potential applications of BUBBLE GUARD® BOARD are limitless.

The R&D department of COLINES® S.p.A. focused exactly on overcoming this obstacle thus widening the potentialities of the board and developed a system called “Double Wall” that features a doubled alveolar structure laminated in line.

This revolutionary product is low weight, 100% recyclable, combined with tensile strength and exceptional printability. From tables and furniture to flooring, the furnishings and design sector will also benefit significantly through using our revolutionary “Double Wall” BUBBLE GUARD® BOARD.

This innovative product will both strengthen traditional markets and create new ones. Meet our staff at Hall 16 – Booth A39 during the upcoming K2019 (October 16th-23rd) or book an appointment to .