March 19, 2020 A customer in need is a customer indeed

A customer in need is a customer indeed!

The extraordinary emergency we are all facing for the Covid-19 spreading all around the world is bringing a lot of restrictions, many daily activities such as travelling and visiting customers are now out of everyone’s possibilities. In such a difficult moment, we are perfectly aware that all our customers may be needing our help and support to ensure smooth running of lines or in developing their new projects.

We are ready and adapting to such a challenging situation: our Commercial Staff, our Technical Department and our Customer Service are ready to provide all their know-how and expertise to satisfy your needs. Thanks to our state of the art technology, we can provide support to your daily business activities in the best possible way, including our innovative remote technical-assistance: our high-skilled staff will be able to solve several kinds of problems in a timely fashion by just being connected to us.

We might be faraway from you, but still we want to be by your side.


So, don’t hesitate to contact us.
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