June 3, 2020 BubbleGuardBoard vs Covid-19: Checkmate in 3 moves!

BubbleGuardBoard vs Covid-19

Checkmate in 3 moves!

Dear valued Customers,

We are very proud to share how our patented BubbleGuardBoard® is offering concrete help in fighting Covid-19. Our Indian partner Nilkamal Ltd has developed three different solutions for the daily use of BGB sheets for containing the spread of the pandemic. All product designs are patented and the company is continuing to work on more solutions to help in the battle against Covid-19.

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An easy and practical solution to safeguard your environment and prevent the spread of virus, bacteria and infections. VirusGUARD are hygienic partitions for workstations and dining tables. They prevent the spread of infection and maintain safe social distancing. The plastic dividers are sturdy, quick to install, compatible with any table & 100% waterproof - making them easy to clean and sanitize. VirusGUARD is a pre-fabricated solution that can be installed anywhere to create private and isolated spaces. The lightweight partitions can be customized to any size and specifications. Ideal for offices, cafeteria, restaurants, schools and food courts.


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The most effective and safe solution engineered for social distancing in public transport. TravelGUARD is quick & easy to install and requires no special equipment. Unlike flute or sunboard, the partitions are made with high strength plastic BubbleGUARD sheets and do not crack. TravelGUARD is ergonomically designed for space and comfort. The sheet has perfectly flat surface which makes it easy to clean & sanitize. Can be customised for all seat types such as airplanes, staff and school buses.


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Quick Covid Bed

An emergency hospital bed solution, it is quick to assemble in 3min. Made with high strength plastic BubbleGUARD sheets, the Nilkamal Quick Covid Bed is 100% Made in India, Easy to clean and sanitize & is completely waterproof. It can be flat-packed making it easy to transport and store.


Anthony Michael Caprioli

Commercial Director

Gabriele Peccetti

Marketing Director