July 2, 2020 Virtual Open House, July 14th The detailed programme is unveiled!

Virtual Open House, July 14th

The detailed programme is unveiled!


Getting closer to the Virtual Open House, scheduled on July 14th (the live event will start at 15.30 CEST), it is time to “unveil” the detailed programme of the event. The schedule will include two video sessions of the ALLrollEX 3000mm 6-up 7 extruders, 9 layers (our flagship cast line for stretch film production) and some technical insights with prestigious guests. Our executive Commercial Director, Anthony Caprioli, will direct the technical sessions, while our Marketing Director, Gabriele Peccetti, will lead and comment on the tour of the line during production.


Here is the detailed programme:

- EVENT INTRO by Anthony Caprioli

- TECHNICAL SESSION 1: “Raw material, formulation and film properties” by Nicola Lombardini (COLINES – R&D Manager)

- LINE TOUR SESSION 1: The line will perform 10 micron machine reels stiff film

- TECHNICAL SESSION 2: “The mid and long-term trends of stretch film market” by Dirk Van Der Sanden (ExxonMobil – Senior Market Development Lead)

- TECHNICAL SESSION 3: “Industry 4.0 and production automation” by Giorgio Manfredi (ELAV – General Manager)

- LINE TOUR SESSION 2: The line will perform 8 micron hand reels stiff film. The session will end up with the live analysys of some reels made during the event on the ESTL test machine.

- TECHNICAL SESSION 4: “Reels analysys in production and low-gauge film solutions” by Jelle Dendauw (ESTL – General Manager)

- QUESTION TIME: Nicola Lombardini (COLINES – R&D Manager) will answer some of the question sent by the audience during the event.

- EVENT CLOSING by Anthony Caprioli


Join the event! Register by sending an e-mail request to and get ready for the show!

Anthony Michael Caprioli
Commercial Director

Gabriele Peccetti
Marketing Director