July 21, 2020 “Strengthening COLINES’ management, in the name of continuity”

“Strengthening COLINES’ management, in the name of continuity”



Strengthening the management, in the name of continuity to achieve further growth and leadership in the market: this is the deep meaning of COLINES’ latest moves, with the appointment of Anthony Michael Caprioli as a CEO for Commercial and Production Activities. He will assist the Executive President Eraldo Peccetti, who stays on in charge as CEO Administration, Finance and Control. Eraldo Peccetti, explains the latest news: “The Board of Directors, which is composed of representatives of the three founding families of COLINES – Lombardini, Peccetti and Zorloni – decided jointly to strentgthen our management by appointing Anthony as a CEO. After one year as a Commercial Director and Board Member, I am confident that Anthony is the right person to assist me in leading the company in order to consolidate growth and leadership in the market”.


Our company is strongly projected into the future – says Eraldo Peccetti – and since the beginning of Covid-19 emergency we have been working to find new ways to ensure assistance to our partners. We made investments to build several “teams” for local commissioning, assembling and assistance worldwide, in order to be ready to assist our customers in their daily needs, even in these times when travelling is really hard or even forbidden. We also opened new landmarks in remote assistance, thanks to a new system including augmented reality which we will announce very soon”.


Recently COLINES also organized their first Virtual Open House and the balance, according to Eraldo Peccetti, is totally positive: “About 250 companies registered to the event and we had over 500 contacts live or on-demand in just 5 days. Albert Einstein used to say that in the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity and I really believe he was right. Virtual events are definitely a demonstration of it: Covid-19 didn’t allow us to visit or host our customers, so we had to study something different… and we realized how big new business opportunities it can offer”.

Gabriele Peccetti
Marketing and Communication Director