January 21, 2021 You can't make it to the NPE 2021 exhibition? Don't worry, we'll bring the show to you!

You can't make it to NPE 2021?

Don't worry: we'll bring the show to you!


Dear Valued Customers,


One year ago we announced that COLINES® was taking on the NPE challenge with the spirit of putting on an unprecedented show, directly from the exhibition grounds, on its 9000 square feet booth (one of the largest of the event).


We planned to exhibit not only a 3-meters 6-UP cast stretch film line in operation every day – which is something never seen at the NPE show so far – but the complete material flow process (from resin to the end user application, including the quality-control of the manufactured film). Our ALLROLLEX® 3000mm (120”) line – already shown with an incredible outcome at the K-show2019 – would have been in its “best dress” and equipped with the latest generation of the NANOLAYER™ technology by CLOEREN.


The output of low thickness 11.7 micron (47 gauge) top class quality machine rolls at speed exceeding 700 m/min (2310 fpm). It is not just a pure statement since an ESTL FPT750 full optional unit would have been there to prove it. Still not satisfied? We were going to show the premium generation of Robopac stretch wrapper model Genesis Thunder on our booth, wrapping at high rpm the film produced during the runs with the ultimate brushless stretch generation CUBE TECHNOLOGY™.


Everything enhanced with our full control-package, including the proprietary LIVE CONTROL® “MES” system and the revolutionary brand new MASTERMIND® advanced HMI control unit. LIVE CONTROL® provides the integration of the incoming data from the line, ESTL and Robopac equipment into this unique tool enabling the complete control of the supply chain. The MASTERMIND brings the automation of the equipment to the next level, making the handling of the line as well as the maintenance easy and automatic.


A few days ago, due to the worldwide Pandemic, the Plastics Industry Association Board of Directors decided to cancel the in-presence NPE show, which is something understandable: we are aware that the priority always has to be the everybody’s health and safety.


Anyway, even in such a situation, the show must go on! Don’t worry, we have come up with a contingency plan: we are putting together a virtual event which will allow you to enjoy the same show that you would have experienced “physically” at the NPE in Orlando.


Stay tuned! Follow our social media and news and be prepared to get yourself into the next generation of film production and supply chain.


As we like to say, “We might be faraway from you, but still we want to be by your side”.


Anthony Michael Caprioli

CEO & Commercial Director


Gabriele Peccetti

Marketing and Communication Director

Sales Area Manager