April 18, 2007 Air Bubble film in Saudi Arabia

The test run of the air bubble line type Stec/160-S for the Middle East market has been successfully completed. The customer’s choice was Colines® since the beginning as it was considered the only company on the market to guarantee the suitable technology and performances for a reduction of the cost incidence per product kilo. The line, with its compact layout is equipped with an extruder diam. 100 with high capacity screw. It is additionally equipped with 2 motor driven double unwinders for in line lamination on a thermoregulated unit. The customer needed to produce also light film, laminated and not, and during the tests we achieved high-quality productions with 40 gr/sqm air-bubble film. Among the noteworthy features of this line, it is worth mentioning the automatic turret winder with two axes, roller unit and in-line cutting, and the edge trim suction system for in-line recovery, equipped with a video inspection system. Colines® is the leading manufacturer of extrusion lines to produce air bubble film. With more than 200 lines sold all over the world and more than 35 years of experience in this field we can guarantee quality, performance, assistance and reliability.


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