June 22, 2007 Air bubble film line in Europe

The Colines® good sales trend in the countries of Eastern Europe goes on with an air bubble film line type STEC/s, built at Colines® Azzate factory. Our line has a useful width of 1600 mm and produces up to 450 kg/h of pluriboll film at a speed of more than 60 m/min. The line is equipped with an high capacity extruder diam. 100, an in-line trimmed edges recovery system with forced hopper and a contact winder for 1500 mm diam. reels. Colines® is the leading manufacturer of extrusion lines to produce air bubble film. With more than 200 lines sold all over the world and more than 35 years of experience in this field Colines® can guarantee quality, performance, assistance and reliability. See also our dedicated website


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