January 23, 2008 Air bubble film line in Asia

It is in advanced building state a line for Asiatic market for the production of air-bubble film. The line is an off line type equipped by conforming calender unit and laminating unit for the third layer more than an automatic rewinder revolver model with 2 axes. The making of the bubble will be starting from 2 flat film. Generally it will be used coextruded films with 3 layers that, starting from the unwinders, it will pass through the conforming calender unit that it has the duty to make the bubble. Conversely, the third layer unit for the lamination acts by heating of the rolls that it will make adhere the bubble film with another support (ex. Aluminium, paper or expanded). The line speed is more than 50 m/min. The lines that ColinesĀ® has sell and installed all over the world for bubble film productions are more than 200.


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