March 10, 2014 COLINESĀ® successful speech on barrier film technology

It was highly appreciated by all attendees and operators the speech presented by COLINES® last week at Malpensa Sheraton Hotel. Our speaker, Mr Marcello Zorloni, Sales Manager at our associated company B-PACK® spoke about 'Barrier film new frontiers: functional performance, eco-friendly and cost saving'.
B-Pack S.p.A., a company belonging to Gruppo COLINES, on the market of coextruded flexible multilayer films for 20 years, has asserted itself as a key player in the design and production of oxygen high-barrier structures with EVOH.
B-Pack produces on cast and blown extrusion lines manufactured by COLINES co-extruded barrier films made in 5 and 7 layers in thicknesses between 27 my and 350 my, with an annual capacity of 14000 t (in blown and cast technology). The fields of application are food and medical.
In the food field a key role is played by the Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP): The speech by Mr Zorloni focused on this issue and on the barrier properties of EVOH.
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