May 17, 2015 Excellence in CPP lines

Colines confirms its leadership in the manufacture of CPP film extrusion lines.

Colines boast the highest product specialization, supported by low energy consumption systems.

Extruders: the largest possible choice of customizations and flexibility, according to the production targets.
Lines are available in various 3 and 5-layer configurations with 3 and 4 extruders optimised for the production of CPP film, metallization and lamination grade. The new concept barrier screws allow an easy extrusion with high output of an extremely wide range of products, from the tougher heterophasic block copolymers (MFI< 1 g/10’) to the softer copolymers/terpolymers (MFI >12 g/10’).

Air knife:  suction system under the die developed by COLINES® and renewed in the design. The chambers now operate with a limited air flow, and the possibility of managing the minimum quantity required for film stabilization permits the extrusion with speed of 400 m/min and low thickness (< 20 microns). The fine adjustment through inverter permits an easy recipe formulation according to the desired product.

Recovery system: this is one of the strong points of our extrusion lines giving great economic benefits to our customers. Born in the mid 80’s from a winning idea, the system, now in its fifth generation, manages the cold recovery (without further decay of the MFI value) of the lateral trims and the bleed trims (generated with the in-line slitting). The quantity which can be recovered is up to 25% of the main extruder throughput regardless of the raw materials used (whether PP Homo – Copo or Terpolymer), thus ensuring the maximum flexibility of use and the minimum energy consumption. In fact the system is equipped with an a.c. motor with a power of 1.1 kW only in its terminal part reintroducing the fluff in the extrusion process.

Winder: Jumbowind® and Flexiwind® models boasting an ergonomic design with trimming unit, corona treatment and integrated controls. The turret-type Jumbowind® winder, of which many units have been installed on our machines, now has been renewed in the layout. The new contact mechanism now works in tangency with the film inlet, applying a variable pressure based on the reel diameter reached (up to 1200 mm). The outcome is a winding with very low tensions and limited air entrapment at high speeds.
The Flexiwind® winder is turret-type with independent shafts. The independent shafts approach one another during reel change, with independent rotations with minimum cutting tail. In addition this winder is particularly appreciated when producing film with in-line cutting.
A Siemens 19” touch screen operator panel (industrial PC fan-less SSD), placed in an ergonomic position, permits to set all winding characteristics of both winding units. Last but not least it is worth mentioning the new cutting system with tapeless index of the new reel.

The machine layout has a reduced spare requirement and a minimum web path. Thanks to line motorization and the new layout it is possible to obtain a perfect winding quality, also with in-line cutting, of films thinner than 20 microns and speeds over 400 m/min.