March 14, 2016 World première of new REELax® unit on Colines CPP line

We are proud to be considered world leader and benchmark in the production of CPP extrusion lines.
As a result of a continuous investment in research and development, we are happy to inform you that we have in the final stage of manufacturing a CPP line featuring the newest solution for film  thermal conditioning, REELax®: thanks to this innovative system,  short annealing and stretch of the film during the extrusion is performed, and the mechanical properties of the film can be more than doubled.
The line performing  said innovative solution will be in demo in our factory during the next open house scheduled from 21.03 to 05.04.2016 and we would be happy to have you as our guest.

Some of the line features we will present during the demo are  widely known on the market:
- It is designed for the highest speed on the market with a PRODUCTION speed of 400 m/min
- 4 extruders – 5-layer configuration high output line
- No use of the gear pumps on the extruders
- REFESAVE®  system for in-line recycling up to 30% of the extruder output 
- 2AB® dual blade system instead of vacuum box
- Latest independent rotary arm FLEXIWIND® winder with in-line slitting with bleed trim

Your attendance at the next demo is very important for  us, we can organize a personalized demonstration for you.

For booking your visit, please contact:
Mirella Mastrantonio
Marketing & Communication Assistant