October 13, 2020 COLINES has set new standards in stretch film production for post consumer recycled material


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The left roll has been made from 60% PCR, while the right roll has been made from 100% virgin resins


COLINES®’ R&D department keeps making decisive steps forward on the path of recycling: the tests ran over the last weeks by the Italian company in cooperation with ExxonMobil on the ALLrollEX® “family” lines delivered important results.


We performed very high quality reels – said Nicola Lombardini, R&D Manager of COLINES® – both with a wide range of thicknesses and percentages of recycled materials. We reached up to 400% ultimate pre-stretch value (ultimate strain) on a standard film production. Even when using a very high grade of recycled material, the reels offered good optical and mechanical qualities, perfectly suitable for today’s new market requirements. This is impressive if we consider that we used up to 60% of PCR (post consumer recycled) material. Our cooperation with ExxonMobil provides us with the confidence to achieve further milestones in the near future”.


The new standard set by COLINES® is related to the use of post-consumer recycled materials, in place of more commonly used post-industrial recycled ones: “This is definitely a significant step forward when talking about circular economy and so far it’s something unprecedented even among our competitors. After having made perfect reels with up to 90% of PIR (post industrial recycled) material, we had a further proof of the extreme flexibility of our ALLrollEX® lines in production” said Eraldo Peccetti, COLINES®’ Executive President and co-founder.


As experience on developing films with recycled materials is limited, it is critical to understand and provide advice to customers on how to best combine the capabilities of the production unit with those of ExxonMobil’s broad range of performance polyethylene. The swift cooperation with the skilled team of COLINES® is really instrumental to speed-up that learning” adds Dirk Van der Sanden, Senior Market Development Lead at ExxonMobil.


Getting back to R&D, Nicola Lombardini also explained how such an awesome result was achieved: “ALLrollEX® lines are equipped with the latest developements in terms of technology, such as our brand-new-designed GDS (gel down screw) screws or the proprierty in-line refeeding system BigMouth®. Also, the frost-line was perfectly managed thanks to the chill-roll unit and vacuum-box we realized and our patented edge-pinning system allowed us to have a highest-quality-reels and consistency in production”.

"We are totally aware that this is one of our real challenges for the future and, given such a big commitment, we can proudly say that once more we are... one step ahead" said Gabriele Peccetti, Marketing and Communication Director of COLINES®.

Anthony Michael Caprioli

CEO & Commercial Director


Gabriele Peccetti

Marketing and Communication Director

Sales Area Manager