February 18, 2021 Missing hugs? CPP film might be the answer to social distancing!

One of the most challenging aspects of the prolonged global restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, is certainly the rule of social distancing. It makes matters even worse when it involves the elderly, who are far from their loved ones in nursing homes. It’s unbelievable, but sadly true, that many of them have not been able to see their relatives for months on end. Even now that restrictions have been loosened up, physical contact is still strictly forbidden.


Thanks to the co-operation between Feldman ST and COLINES®, we donated a supply of 35 micron transparent CPP film (extruded on one of our lab-lines) to one of our local nursing homes, in order to create a partitioned hugging room. This allowed the elderly guests of the retirement home to finally meet their loved ones and hug them in fully risk-free situation, for the first time after one year.


This is extremely touching – comments COLINES’ CEO Anthony Caprioli – and we are really happy for having been able to make so many people’s desire come true. Together with Feldman ST, we gave them the chance to feel close once again to their loved ones, as the protection of CPP film allowed them to enjoy the warm feeling of a sincere hug”.

Anthony Michael Caprioli

CEO & Commercial Director


Gabriele Peccetti

Marketing and Communication Director

Sales Area Manager