COLINES® has been committed for years to implementing a responsible business model, with the aim of achieving sustainable development that prioritizes the well-being of people and the health of the planet.

COLINES® goes green: Environmental responsibility

The company's business is based on environmental respect, achieved through the pursuit of solutions that ensure energy savings and a constant and significant reduction in emissions. Firstly, we prioritize the use of renewable energy sources, such as installing solar panels on the roofs of our facilities or gradually transitioning our fleet of vehicles to hybrid or electric ones. We also support similar choices by our employees by providing charging stations in company parking lots.

Secondly, what makes a difference is our diligent and profound research and development work aimed at finding new solutions and technologies that guarantee high recyclability of plastic and the recovery of production waste. Plastic is often seen as a pollution problem, but it is the improper use and handling that potentially cause issues. When managed and recovered correctly, plastic is a material that offers excellent recycling opportunities and a significantly long and sustainable life cycle.

Here are some examples of sustainability technologies developed by COLINES®:

COLINES® supports the community: Social responsibility

COLINES® recognizes that alongside caring for the health of the planet, it is essential to develop its business by pursuing the best possible well-being for people, whether they are employees, their families or the broader community. A sustainable company cannot overlook the need to have a positive impact on society.

For this reason, COLINES® firmly invests in workplace safety training and related equipment, actively involving workers in creating prevention and safety management processes. Employees are also actively engaged in team-building events, while personal and family well-being is incentivized through the provision of welfare benefits in addition to regular salaries.

Moreover, COLINES® heavily invests in deserving projects within the local community, supporting charitable initiatives, cultural events, and sports activities. For over 10 years, COLINES® has been the main sponsor of Igor Volley, a women's volleyball team that was already the European Champion in 2019 and has won six national senior trophies, in addition to numerous territorial and regional titles at the youth level. Alongside other club sponsors, COLINES® funded the creation of a hybrid operating room in the Neurosurgery department and a multifunctional room and reception area in the Pediatrics department of the Maggiore della Carità Hospital in Novara.